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Humanise Culture was born out of the increasing awareness of how stress and burnout are negatively affecting healthcare delivery. The burden of these issues, borne by frontline staff, has been shown to have adverse effects on patient safety and efficient service provision. Humanise Culture aims to reduce stress and burnout, prevent the development of mental illness and suicide, and increase wellbeing amongst healthcare staff.


At Humanise Culture:

We believe that the best and safest level of healthcare delivery can be given only when healthcare staff are not working in a culture and environment which normalises chronic stress, burnout, and does not discuss mental illness

We believe that in collaboration, individual employees and organisations possess the skills and human capital to improve medical culture, and thereby reduce rates of burnout

We believe that individual and organisational interventions to improve wellbeing do not need to be complex or expensive

We believe that by measuring rates of wellbeing and burnout, making the results transparent, and having a longitudinal record of them, organisations and employees will be empowered to make informed decisions about the workplace’s effect on staff health and wellness

We believe that an engaged, collegial, and supportive workforce can help solve some of the problems with medical culture that contribute to adverse work experience for staff

Let’s humanise workplace culture, together.

At Humanise Culture we believe that the workplace should be a place of inspiration, connection, and innovation. Work is where we spend the majority of our lives; there’s no time to not enjoy it!
Humanise Culture is founded on the principle that we bring our whole selves to work, utilising our unique combination of strengths, skills, and values to add worth and provide services to others.
We believe that relationships with colleagues, customers, but most importantly our selves, are the keys to finding contentment at work. We build solutions to help individuals and organisations help create a workplace culture which enables a thriving, connected, and engaged workforce.
Positive change is based on collaboration. Let’s humanise workplace culture, together.

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