Simon Menelaws is a practicing doctor, working in the field of psychiatry. He hails from Scotland but settled in the sunnier climes of Queensland, Australia, in 2012. After he left school aged 17, he joined an NGO and lived and traveled on a ship for two years in about 30 countries in South America, west Africa, southern and eastern Europe, and also spent time in South Africa and the Baltic region. He studied English literature at university prior to going on to study medicine. He is currently applying to study a PhD at the University of Melbourne which will examine changing culture within complex sectors like healthcare, to improve professionals’ wellbeing. He also blogs at Curiosity Disrupted, and is the Founder of Humanise Culture. He is passionate about improving the wellbeing of health professionals so that they can deliver the best patient care possible in their system of practice. He wants to expand his developing expertise in this area to other professions which also struggle with significant rates of stress, burnout, mental illness, and suicide.