Doctor Well-Being Survey. Let’s change this!

Doctor Well-Being Survey. Let’s change this!

Right, for a while now I’ve been harking on about doctors’ (and other health professionals’) mental illness. Why? Because it is sad, dangerous, and outrageous that medical culture normalises stress and burnout, and that doctors have the highest rate of suicide of any profession (

Whys is that sad, dangerous, and outrageous? Well, apart from the obvious (dead doctors), do you want to be treated or have your loved one treated by a doctor who has a:

1 in 2 chance of being burnt out?
1 in 5 chance of being depressed?
1 in 4 chance of having experienced suicidal ideation prior to the last 12 months, or 11% chance within the last 12 months?
1 in 50 chance of having attempted suicide?

Okay, so I’ve founded Humanise Culture (, a company to bring humanity back to healthcare. Health systems need to be able to measure their staff’s well-being; it’s a good way of assessing risk to an organisation due to adverse events and medical errors, and it’s a good proxy marker of patient reported outcome measures (PROMs). Burnt out doctors = dissatisfied +/- injured patients +/- suicidal doctors.

How can you help? I have an amazing opportunity through BlueChilli Coca-Cola Amatil Xcelerator bootcamp (bit of a mouthful): if I get enough validation of my solution to this problem, I may get on to the startup accelerator program. At present I am in the final 40 (of hundreds) and am seeking one of 15 places on the program. This will give me a fantastic opportunity to develop an app to help doctors AND their employers gauge the extent of this problem at an individual and organisational level. It’s about empowering both parties. I don’t have room to go in to too much detail about the app here, but can communicate directly about this (

Please fill out this <2 min, anonymised survey at and share it with others.

Will an app solve this complex, global issue? No. Could it be a significant step in widening the conversation, increasing individuals’ well-being, and helping healthcare organisations identify and provide meaningful interventions, thus saving lives and billions of dollars which could be used elsewhere? Definitely.

Thanks for your help! Let’s change this.

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